Thursday, September 8, 2011

RAW Week: Day Five!

Hey there. How's it going? I'm great because it's DAY FIVE of my RAW Week :D

That means two more days. And then I'm making Vegan Pho on Sunday for dinner, yup.

This has been pretty rewarding, especially combined with the yoga. For instance, I was about 158lbs last week. Yesterday morning, I weighed 152.2lbs. My wedding ring keeps almost slipping off my ring finger. I sleep REALLY well during the night (though I still get tired in the afternoons, but that's probably out of sheer boredom). My pants are more loose around the waist (yay!).

I'm almost tempted to extend it into a RAW second week...almost.

I've had cravings...oh, the cravings. And weird ones, at that.

I may have eaten straight up nooch as a snack the other night. I may have eaten about 8 pickle spears last night and drank some of the pickle juice (don't judge!). I may be found periodically staring longingly at bread/chocolate spread/popcorn/cans of beans/weird, cooked shiz in my cabinets, plotting for when I get to eat them again.

And then there's the Allen Ginsberg thing, which is kind of freaky (yet strangely wonderful). Yesterday, at the end of yoga, he was there in my mind again. This time, we alternated between floating in the air (like skydiving, but standing and not really falling) and floating on the lake. He asked me what lake it was, and I said, "It's the lake from Lake Trip" (as if he knew). Here's what he told me, though, which makes me laugh: "You're special, but I won't say that you are under-appreciated because everyone is under-appreciated, and that just wouldn't be special. But you are really special." WTF?

Once this week is done, I will probably make myself sick on cooked food. But I'll really REALLY try not to, I swear.

Day Four (evening)!
-Made "Better Than Any Mock Tuna" from Super, SUPER yummy.
-Once home from yoga, I had my Pickle Party. I must have been craving salt or something since I sweat a LOT in hot yoga.

Day Five!
-raw buckwheat groat breakfast with coconut butter (still solidified, but whatev)
-1/2" date-seed-nib "cookie"
-Rest of Mock Tuna in 2 huge romaine leaves

Dinner tonight is hopefully Mexican Lime Soup from Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials (pgs. 143-144). And more hot yoga at 5:30 :D


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  1. You'll receive no judgement on the pickle juice here. That's some good stuff! :)