Sunday, September 11, 2011

RAW Week: Day Eight...Er...I've had a RAW Failure.

Or, if you will, a fRAWlure. Nah, that doesn't so much work.

I ended up eating cooked food again for lunch and dinner on Friday. Just had to listen to my body on that one. And it felt good. So, I guess you could really call it the RAW Work Week. Still glad I did it, and I am sure to revisit RAW many more times in the future.

So, I made up for it in my own way by making Vegan Pho for dinner tonight. Yup, Vegan Pho, which I've totally f-ed up before (I cooked the noodles IN the broth...what was I thinking???).

No, this was good. And made me feel FANTASTIC. My sinuses are so clear right now, it's awesome.

I got the recipe from here, but ended up halving it and dropping the star anise (gross, licorice.) and the bean sprouts because I couldn't find any (I did only check one store, though).

It was PHO-tastic.

{omfg yum.}

On another note, I went to yoga today at 9:30am. We took a moment for 9/11 rememberance before class began. And I had a conversation again with Allen Ginsberg. This time, we were riding the ferris wheel at the KS State Fair (I probably thought of that because it's opening weekend). He got on the ride with me, and as it went around in the circle, we talked about stuff.

The other day (Thurs class), I asked him, "How will I know?" (not sure what about). And his reply, "You won't really know. We only think we know." Today he was on the subject of loving others. He said that we must love others, no matter what their affection for us.

He's become my own personal psychiatrist. Pretty rad.


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