Monday, January 2, 2012

Whole Living 28-Day Challenge: Day 1!

Hello, 2012! I barely noticed you yesterday.

Today begins my participation in the Whole Living Action Plan, yay! It's truly one of my favorite magazines. They are usually pretty veg-friendly with their recipes and always seem to have info on organic products. Out of all the "holy crap! it's 2012! let's get into shape!" programs I read about in magazines over the past couple of weeks, Whole Living's 28-day challenge stuck out for me. (It also gave me the reason to finally ante-up and buy a juicer, huzzah!)

And all of the Week 1 recipes are *gasp* VEGAN, with the majority of the other weeks' recipes also being vegan (with the exception of some fish/eggs here and there that I can easily sub out). Count me in!

So, today was the first day. Not too different from what I've been eating for the past several weeks, aside from nosh-fests on chocolate.

I've come to LOVE juicing in the morning. What makes me happier than anything, though, is that The Hubs is into it now. He's asked me to make him juice for breakfast, too. *infinite happiness!!!!*

I'm taking Whole Living's word for it and keeping a list of goals and a daily food journal. Here's the entry for today:

6:00am--Vitamins, 1 1/2 cup hot water with lemon, 1/2 cup grape chia kombucha
6:30am--1 glass kale/pineapple/carrot/apple juice
9:30am--1 raw gogi/seed cube (my local supermarket sells these in the bulk bins. shocked!)
2:30pm--1 banana
8:00pm--1 tbsp peanut butter w/raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, and unsweetened coconut flakes

The Kale Slaw was the best part of my day.

{pretty cabbage}

{added some strips of nori}

{aaaand some nooch after this photo was taken. yum.}

Are you participating in any new programs? Is there a bet in place for how long you last? :D


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