Saturday, December 22, 2012

loving lately: blue

After getting our first taste of snow earlier this week, the weather sadly has warmed a bit. However, it's looking like that will soon change! And just in time for Christmas! My husband is super excited that he'll get to wear his newly-crocheted Doctor Who scarf (my xmas present to him).

Speaking of Doctor Who, we're catching my husband up to speed on the new series. We're currently at the end of Rose Tyler (still so much to see!). In honor of The Doctor, here are some blue items I've been loving lately, starting with THE COOLEST TIGHTS EVER.

{holy nebula! best. tights. ever.}

{adorable blue dress with a peter pan collar}

{delicate turquoise rose earrings}

{vegan clutch}

{absolutely gorgeous tulle skirt}

{i'd be a twit not to include something Doctor-related!}

Coming up next week, a blue dress refashion. Oh, the antici...pation! Also next week, the Christmas Special of Doctor Who (yay!).


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