Tuesday, December 18, 2012

loving lately

Trolling etsy and other sites, here are some things that I currently adore:

{OMG! vintage typewriter! gorgeous.}

{i totally found this same dress at Goodwill on Friday for $5. was thinking of selling it, but it's too awesome. here's the dress available on etsy.}

{tiny rabbit earrings on etsy}

{some cute as a button owls}

{i really want to make this vegan sunflower cheddar from Keepin' It Kind}

{if you guys haven't heard of Nick Drake, you're MISSING OUT. i've been listening to his music since 2004 and find myself lost in it each time i play it. Retronaut has a lovely capsule on Keith Morris' photos of the musician. absolutely awesome.}

What kinds of things are you finding lately?



  1. LOVE all of this! Those rabbit earrings are adorable.

    It's an Easy Life

  2. Loving all of these picks! Definitely loving vintage and polaroid cameras right now :)
    xo TJ