Friday, September 20, 2013

Vegan MoFo, Day 20: Yearly MoFo Survey!

It's that time again! Time for an easy day, haha! This weekend is pretty busy, what with getting the venue ready for the wedding in TWO weeks. It's the same place Philip and I married, on a friend's family ranch. We have to clean out the barn and make sure the lights we left hanging up from three years ago still work.

I debated doing a survey because I've really liked bringing you awesome recipes, but I feel it's necessary to continue the tradition. Plants and Pages has a great survey, so I'm using that one.

1. What is one food you thought you’d miss when you went vegan, but don’t?

Lately, I’ve been missing the little Lipton packets of chicken soup. They don’t look very appetizing, all yellowy and foamy, but they’re from my childhood, and I was eating a lot of this before going vegan in 2010.

2. What is a food or dish you wouldn’t touch as a child, but enjoy now?

I’m going to say several things—beets, sauerkraut, cheese (I didn’t like actual cubes of cheese, but I like substitutes!).

3. What vegan dish or food you feel like you “should” like, but don’t?

Beyond Meat “chicken.” My husband and I ordered some, tried it, and actually don’t like it NEARLY as much as the Simply Truth we get through Kroger. I know, it’s close in texture, but you have to chew and chew and chew, and it kind of made me feel gross afterward. Eveyone’s gaga about it, except us, haha!

4. What beverage do you consume the most of on any given day?

I’m down with coffee lately every morning but usually drink water throughout the day.

5. What dish are you “famous” for making or bringing to gatherings?

Lately? Cinnamon rolls. Always a crowd-pleaser J

6. Do you have any self-imposed food rules (like no food touching on the plate or no nuts in sweets)?

Well, several Vegan MoFo’s ago, I wrote that I ate one food on my plate at a time, then moved on to the next food. I find that I’ve been breaking that rule for a while now. I can’t really think of any other odd rules I impose on myself. Happy plates, maybe? :D

7. What’s one food or dish you tend to eat too much of when you have it in your home?

Chocolate, hands down. Doesn’t matter what kind or form. It’s my weakness!

8. What ingredient or food do you prefer to make yourself despite it being widely available prepackaged?

I loved making my own almond milk, veggie stock, and sauerkraut but haven’t had much desire to lately. Maybe I’ll pick up doing that again!

9. What ingredient or food is worth spending the extra money to get “the good stuff”?

Vegan ice cream…So Delicious brand. And nice vegan bread…

10. Are you much of a snacker? What are your favorite snacks?

Uh, is the sky blue? Heck Yes, I’m a snacker. It’s borderline unhealthy, too, my level of snacking. I love various things, from frozen corn to anything chocolate to sliced tomatoes…Chips, popcorn, popsicles…everything tasty. I’ll even eat sauerkraut out of the jar/can.

11. What is your favorite vegetable? Fruit?

I actually love lettuces. I know some can be bland, but when you get a good head of red lettuce, it’s the best ever. And for fruit, I really love anything citrus—oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, and all the other weird ones.

12. What is the best salad dressing?

Lemon juice…and maybe salt. Best. Ever.

13. What is your favorite thing to put on toasted bread?

Melted vegan cheese!!!

14. What kind of soup do you most often turn to on a chilly day or when you aren’t feeling your best?

Just a simple brothy veggie soup that I can make at home. Runner Up—Amy’s brand soups, like the No-Chicken Noodle and Lentil Vegetable. Delicious!

15. What is your most-loved “weeknight meal”?

OMG TACO NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Tuesday is Taco Night in our house. Philip cooks up some delicious Simple Truth “chicken” in a chipotle-pepper sauce, really limey rice, and we put all of this and toppings into individual bowls and build our soft tacos at table in the living room while watching “Drunk History” on HuluPlus. This past Tuesday, I was surfing the interwebs at work and came across taco recipes and thought, “Dangit, I REALLY want tacos!” When I then remembered that night was Taco Night, I instantly got giddy with excitement!

16. What is one dish or food you enjoy, but can’t get anyone else in your household to eat?

Well, it’s just Philip and myself, so this is based on him—he won’t eat salads. When we met almost 10 years ago (squeee!), he wouldn’t eat lettuce AT ALL. I know. He’s very slowly incorporated it into his diet. He’ll add spring mix to his sandwiches and loves that. But eating lettuce alone, like in a salad, sadly, is not his thing. Wish it was, though. Boy needs some chlorophyll.

Have a happy weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with a fab fruit cobbler recipe :)

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1 comment:

  1. 1. fresh fish. nothing vegan comes close but I am fine not having it
    2. parsnips
    3. Daiya cheese (yuck)
    4. coffee and water
    5. triple ginger macademia cookies, based on a Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar recipe
    6. no
    7. sweets
    8. seitan- nothing in the store compares
    9. really good crystallized ginger and organic when possible for baking
    10. you said it best and now I feel better (├žept for the sauerkraut)
    11. brocolli, apples, tofu per a former (it's all in the prep!) brocolli HATER
    12. ginger/sesame
    13. almond butter or earth balance and jam -feel like I'm 5 again
    14.anything thick and hearty, or homemade vegan pho, from an upcoming cookbook (Joni Marie Newman's)
    15.veggies, rice , tofu OR (now that I'm in Philly, something from Hip City Veg)
    16. we have a rule: I don't eat the cats'food and they only eat mine once in a while