Monday, October 14, 2013

Wedding Photos!

Hey guys! Sorry for my extended absence. If you've read my blog for very long, you'll see that I sometimes fall off the map. This time, I was part of an awesome wedding party and found myself busy with that and other things. Plus, breaks are NICE! Don't fool yourself into having to blog every. single. day.

So, I wanted to share some photos from the day before and day of the wedding. My husband and I were both part of the wedding party. All of the guys wore full kilt-getups, and Philip looked SO DANG HANDSOME.

The official photos aren't out yet, but here are some that we and our friends took.

Friday, the day before!

{playing around with the cute photo wall our friends built}

Saturday, the day of!

{pre-makeup, post-hair, en route to venue with the gals}

{at the ceremony...4 cups of pink wine in...}

{ line for foods!}
{dancing with my guy}
{so far gone...I don't even remember this.}

I love beautiful weddings, and this one proved to be truly special.

The end of the night came too quickly. Though I got totally smashed on wine, etc., I still made it an hour later than our own wedding before having to go home. Strange things happened at the end of the night: a friend sexted on my phone (which I knew about), I skinned the bajesus out of my right knee (which didn't bother me at the time), and I decided to take off my strapless bra (in my defense, a friend did it first, and I decided it was the BEST. IDEA. EVER.). Anyway, then Philip knew it was time to go home. Once home, I ralphed up vegan BBQ chicken and couldn't keep down water or ginger ale the next day until about 4pm. Yay!

Seriously so glad I got to be a part of the wedding, and we all had a fantastic time.

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