Thursday, March 13, 2014

January Books (yes, a little delayed)

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to read at least 30 books. Having been a voracious reader in the past (hello...I'm a history-degree-holding, library-book-themed-wedding kind of girl!), I found myself aghast when thinking back on books I read in 2013. I think I could count them on one hand (*GASP*!!!!!!!!). It's mostly to blame on the fact that I acquired my first smartphone last January right before my cruise. It's so tempting to watch an TV episode or movie in the time I used to spend reading. Even my comic books have become neglected, as my husband so often likes to remind me.

So, I jumped on the "Read X Books this Year" resolution bandwagon. I figured I'd start with 30, allowing for flexibility each month, and go from there. I can tell you that January really kicked off with a bang!

  --Go buy this book. NOW. If you're a woman who isn't at least tracking her waking temperature, it's time to get with it, sister! My friend first loaned me her copy waaaaay back in like 2009, and I flipped through it, not thinking I would be able to adhere to the suggestions and quickly gave up reading it. I finally purchased my own copy in early January and devoured it cover-to-cover. I'd already been tracking my temps since April 2013, but reading this book put everything into perspective. Much, much, MUCH recommended book. SERIOUSLY, why were we not taught this in our health classes? I would know so much more about my body had I been tracking it all this time. If there's one book I can recommend to ANY woman for ANY reason to do with health, this is by far the book.

  --I almost didn't pick up this book because we're not really TTC right at this moment, but I got it anyway and am glad to have done so. The first half of the book rehashes a lot of Toni Weschler's work (sometimes verbatim in places, I think?); and the second half seeks to classify the reader into various groups and prescribe a plan for health based on that. I found myself in between two categories and need to start following the plan. Pretty interesting ideas!

  --GAH, how can I not read this book? Having "found" her site several years ago when she announced the book, I'm been patient since then. The book had me in stitches! Brosh not only brings the hilarity to her writing, she also brings true feelings. Because we don't just read things like that for humor--we read them to identify emotions within ourselves. I fucking love her work and can totally relate on depression.

  --Freaking. Finally. I'd wanted to read this book since it came out and ended up waiting a couple of years AFTER I'd finished Book 4. Not sure why, but I'm glad I got around to reading it. You won't find any spoilers here (everyone dies! J/K!); I'll just throw out there that I really, REALLY can't wait this time until Book 6 comes out...whenever that happens. Poor Mr. Martin has an entire legion of people pushing him along. I kind of feel bad for him.

  --One of the only Bronte stories I've yet experienced. I think I picked this book up at the annual Art Museum Booksale we frequent in May and thought I'd give it a try. It's included in my January list, even though it's still a work in progress (even now in March, when I've read 5-6 more book in between). But what I've so far read, I really like. Strong feminist tones, which were pretty controversial for the mid-1800s. Anne even published it under a pseudonym, and one of her sisters condemned the themes, if I remember correctly from the forward in the book. Anyway, still ongoing!

Happy reading! 

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