Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ah, Friday, I Miss You Already...

But on to SATURDAY!

Yesterday was a day of doing not much of anything around our house. We went out to forage (i.e. buy some groceries) and came home to nap, catch up on Jeopardy! (we watch it every time we eat dinner together, it's our ritual for a year now), and renew our love for playing board games with each other.

After I woke up, bleary-eyed from my nap, I stumbled into the kitchen to grab the chocolate ice cream we purchased earlier at the store. Nothing better after a nap of dreaming about it :)

I couldn't eat much of it, which is a good thing!

After a dinner of pizza like this we dug out some board games to play together. We used to do this ALL THE TIME and have tons of games as a result, but the stress of the wedding and school made us forget all about the fun we used to have. Consider the rivalry renewed!

1st up: Scrabble! (Hubs won.)

Check out the word in the middle! That was mine to start the game!!
Totally unexpected but RAD!

2nd game: Trivial Pursuit! (I kicked his butt!)

And then for old time's sake: Connect Four! (He won...and won...)

Now we're both sick...great...I'm torn between making soup and making a salad with grilled tofu and cranberry vinaigrette with shallot croutons. You can tell what's probably going to win.


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  1. you had me at scrabble.=)

    came across your blog through rick the health sleuth... lovin' it!