Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vegan MoFo, Day 27: Anatomy of Leftovers

Guys, my fridge is full. Bursting. And tomorrow is grocery day, sigh. I have a few recipes left up my sleeve to try out, but I need to get rid of some others first. Some can be saved for later by freezing; some need tossed if bad; and some I can eat up soon.

A. Candied Orange Peels. Still yummy.
B. Chocolate Ganache. I've been spreading this on the Coconut Cream Jumbles. Must make more of this and find stuff to spread it on.
C. Some brown sugar glaze from my Sugar Apples. Soon to be used on pancakes as a sub for maple syrup.
D. Some frozen Lentil Soup for much later.
E. Coconut Cream Jumbles. Mega good with the Chocolate Ganache!
F. More Lentil Soup, frozen.
G. Spaghetti Rarebit. Delicious as a leftover!
H. Ginger syrup from my Ginger Supreme.
I. The last remnants of Hot Spiced Cider, which happens to be exceptional over ice.
J. Some really old Sauerkraut with Apples. Throwing this out tomorrow.
K. Lemon Olive Butter Sandwich spread. I have some more bread slices calling for this stuff.

What do you have leftover? How are you planning the last several days of VMF 2012?


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